We are a technology company developing hydrocarbon and biocarbon products to address three of the world’s largest markets: energy, food and water

A technology company developing sustainable products to address three of world’s largest markets

Food, Water
& Energy


Cool Planet is poised to revolutionize the energy, food, and water markets with its clean energy solution. Our technology, which has the capability to be carbon negative, harnesses an innovative thermo-mechanical process and proprietary catalysts to turn biomass into hydrocarbon and biocarbon products.

The process allows us to create two main products, hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals, and CoolTerra™, our multi-functional soil amendment, from non-food sources. These products capture carbon from the air and sequester it in the ground – unlocking the capability for a carbon negative lifecycle.

The proprietary process combines a mechanical front-end that uses heat and pressure to turn biomass into gases, with catalysts that convert those gases directly into fuels and chemicals. The coproduct, CoolTerra™, is a valuable biocarbon, which sequesters carbon and delivers transformative benefits to industries as diverse as agriculture, water, and livestock.

We are demonstrating fuel production at our pilot and integrated demonstration facilities in Camarillo, CA and commercially producing CoolTerra™ biocarbon for the agriculture industry. We broke ground in February 2014 on our first commercial-scale facility in Alexandria, Louisiana.

We are also commercializing our technology internationally where we have signed several strategic partnerships to bring our fuels, chemicals, and biocarbon products to Southeast Asia and beyond.

Cool Planet Energy System Process

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