We are a technology company developing Engineered Biocarbon™ and hydrocarbon products to address three of the world's greatest necessities: food, water, and energy

A technology company developing sustainable products to address three of world’s largest markets

Food, Water
& Energy


Cool Planet is poised to revolutionize the food, water, and energy markets. Cool Planet provides an engineered biocarbon platform that dramatically improves soil health while sequestering carbon. The result is a healthier planet, yielding more food and more profit for growers.

Society is demanding that we grow food more sustainably. A nearly 50% increase in food production is required worldwide at a time when agriculture is under stress globally. Cool Planet's technology will play a critical role in helping to address this challenge.

The Cool Terra® engineered biocarbon platform is a technology that helps solve these global challenges:
• Improves soil health, productivity
• Optimizes water holding in soil
• Nurtures microbial growth
• Reduces leaching of nitrogen
• Increases fertilizer efficiency
• Sequesters carbon (1 ton CoolTerra® = 2.7 tons sequestered CO2)

The robust technology combines a mechanical front-end that processes the biomass with heat and pressure to make BTU-rich vapors and the Cool Terra engineered biocarbon product. In the future, the company has the potential to convert the vapors from the pyrolysis process into carbon negative fuels or chemicals. The engineered biocarbon platform also has the potential for future impact in the animal health and nutrition markets through sale of our Cool Fauna™ product .