We are a technology company developing hydrocarbon and biocarbon products to address three key necessities: energy, food and water

We build small plants, collect non-grain biomass from a 20-40 mile radius, and continuously innovate

Continuous Innovation,
build small & fast

Our Unique, Distributed Business Model

Cool Planet’s technology and business model allows us to rapidly innovate, and quickly move from "version 1.0" to "version 2.0" and beyond. We will be able to standardize a plant design, reduce capital cost, and improve performance with each iteration of the technology.

The company’s unique business model of building smaller, significantly less expensive facilities closer to biomass feedstock allows us to achieve a lower scale-up risk than companies needing to build large facilities that require economies-of-scale to be profitable. We provide optionality, and product diversification, with each facility producing 2 main products. A liquid hydrocarbon for the fuels and chemicals industry, and a solid biocarbon product that is used in agriculture and water applications.

(Example of Building Fast, Small, in Louisiana with feedstock collection radius)

Each 5-50 million gallon per year production facility is approximately one hundred times smaller than a typical oil refinery. The facilities are strategically located within 20-40 miles of biomass sources. This lowers our overall transportation costs and carbon footprint, and along with the simplicity of our technology and size of our facilities, helps us achieve one of the lowest capital and operating costs in the fuels industry. This will allow Cool Planet to commercialize its technology faster, with far lower investment capital than most biofuel companies.

By starting small and swift, Cool Planet reduces risk by anticipating and adapting to technological, construction or operational changes that inevitably occur in the commercialization phase. With each facility, the team can innovate around and overcome any challenges.